What is your greatest motivation to cook? Or shall I say what inspires you to cook? The Cooker’s Den wants to share fresh inspirations for meal preparation which will ignite your passion for cooking. What could it be? Alright! It’s the use of a pressure cooker in your cooking venture.

using the pressure cooker

Cook Faster

Who would want to cook for hours? Your family would be upset.  I guess, nobody wants to babysit the boiling pot.  We want to cook faster and it would save our time.   Because we tend to ignore the importance of home cooking, more often times than not, we pay others to prepare our food. That’s what restaurants and foods chains are for.  This practice won’t give you the opportunity to bring out the most delicious and nutritious meals for your family. Amazingly, cooking with a pressure cooker will just take 25 to 30 minutes and presto the hearty beef stew is ready for the whole family.

Watch this video and get the best ideas of how to prepare nutritious meals for your family.Think about cooking veggies in Pressure Cooker.

Eat Better and Healthier

Cooking for longer hours will take away food nutrients. Others might think that pressure cooking would kill the vitamins and minerals in food. Oh, well, scientific research revealed that pressure cooking actually trapped the needed nutrients because cooking would take for just a very short period of time. Pressure-cooked foods are so yummy. Can you imagine the tender and soft beef chunk that readily melts in your mouth? Its rich flavor and taste are there.  Just imagine the sticky chicken broth you take from your pressure cooker. It’s mouth watering!


Take Control of Your Meal

Home cooking gives you the opportunity to take control of your daily consumption. You are pretty aware what’s getting into your body. You are confident that your family is eating what is nutritious and what is proper. Choose the most organic and desirable food ingredients. You have full control over it. Go for the real food and not for artificial ones.  Locally grown food is seen as highly nutritious. These local ingredients are not lauded with preservatives and artificial flavors, so they taste better and make you healthier.  As a home cook, you take control of the nutritive value of your food. Keep an eye of what you cook and be inspired by how to do the cooking properly and safely.

That is why home cooking is most preferred than commercialized meal preparation. Take these fresh inspirations directly to your kitchen and experience the best of cooking. Make the kitchen your world and make the food your best way to keep your family happy and healthy. Let’s take the language of Jacues Pepin, “ Cooking is truly an act of love”.