Anse Source d'Argent

5 Beautiful Beaches for Beach Lovers

People who love beaches have no dearth of possible destinations to go to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. With so many beautiful beaches in the world, we have rounded up some of the most stunning ones that should be on every beach lover’s must-see list.

1. Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue, Seychelles)
Anse Source d'Argent
Why go: Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most popular attractions in a country known for its many beautiful beaches. Massive boulders provide a stunning backdrop to the blue waters, pristine sand, and the palm trees that sway in the breeze.

2. Curtain Bluff (Antigua)
Curtain Bluff
Why go: The quiet beauty of the beach offers a serene and relaxing place that feels like a warm embrace.

3. Playa del Amor (Marietas Islands, Mexico)
Why go: Playa del Amor, also known as the Hidden Beach, enclosed in a rock formation that offers a stunning view of the sky. Only a few people are allowed to visit the beach each time making it an idyllic getaway for people who want to get away from the crowd and bask in stunning nature scenery.

4. Railay Beach (Krabi, Thailand)
Railay Beach
Why go: Not as easily accessible as some of the country’s best beaches, Railay Beach is a gorgeous getaway as it sits in the midst of towering limestone cliffs. It is a great place to soak up the sun, explore, and enjoy activities like kayaking and rock climbing.

5. Tortuga Bay Beach (Galapagos, Ecuador)
Tortuga Bay Beach
Why go: There are not many beaches in the world where you can find marine iguanas, sea turtles, and other wildlife basking in the sun seemingly unperturbed by the people who gawk at them. This adds to the unique beauty of the beach that boasts of soft, powdery sand and soothing waters.


How Art Affects Our Life

Ever wonder what art is? Is it about creating fascinating things? Or maybe a form of expression?

Well, art can be anything you want. You’re the one who has the capacity to see art in any form.

Do you think art is useless? If yes, then think again! To help you understand the importance of art in our life, we’ll tell you how art affects our life!

You can use Art to Communicate

Art is a universal language. Even you don’t know how to read, you can still relate to it.

It helps us connected to each other. You’ll find more people that have the same interests and passion as you. Communicating will be easier if you use art as to communicate with different personalities.


The value in everything depends on how you appreciate it. Art can make you value yourself. Also, can make you appreciate different and unique individuals.

Art Unites us

You can find art anywhere.

This includes music, movies, theatre, books, portraits, poetry and more. These things are what catches our attention. A perfect example is the era of gangster rap in the USA.

It’s either you’re a Westside fan or Eastside. Or the Kool and the Gang.

Expressing Yourself


He Expressed How He Hates Bread.

This is one of the best reasons why art exists. To express ourselves freely. Through art, expressing our deepest emotions will be easier. Voicing out what you want to say can be done instantly through art.

Look at Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. He expressed his heroin junkie side. Just kidding.

Boost Creativity

Everyone is unique in different ways. Art helps us find our inner creativity which enables us to translate our thoughts and ideas in our own unique way.

Art is anything you can think of. Your imagination is the limit! Use art to improve yourself and your capability. Art is free. So, don’t waste your creativity and let your art voice out your emotions!

How about an enjoyable ride to make your day brighter! Roam around everywhere by using the trailmate meteor tricycle. Ride it and see beautiful sceneries and art around you!

Why Arts and Culture Can Be Good for the Economy

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Not many people appreciate the importance of culture and the pursuit of the arts. Some may believe that pursuing an art degree or making a career out of it is often not the most practical choice. But a growing number of people have been benefiting from the arts and culture economy. In fact, countries that have invested in them have seen increased revenues and generated more jobs for their people. For this reason, supporting the arts and culture scene despite economic uncertainties may be more beneficial to the greater public.

Attract locals and international travelers. Having vibrant arts and culture environment can attract not just tourists but locals as well. This could create a vibe or identity that people would travel for to see. Local businesses can benefit from the revenues travelers could bring not to mention it could also generate more jobs for the people in the community. More importantly, it will showcase the artworks and unique culture of the place.

Enjoy the intangible effects. It is hard to put a monetary value on happiness. More than the economic benefits that arts and culture bring there is also the intangible value like stress relief, improved mood, and better outlook in life. People who have access to places where they can enjoy the arts are more likely to experience their positive effects.

Build a place where people would want to live. Arts and entertainment districts as well as cultural or historical neighborhoods not only can be sources of pride for communities. They can also be among those places that people would want to live in. Arts districts can likewise be a bastion for creativity. It would encourage not just artists but also people from all walks of life to stay in areas where they have beautiful places to see or hang out.

Create events everyone can enjoy. Entertainment events and cultural festivals can draw people not just from outside the community. It can also become major gatherings for community members to congregate and enjoy.

4 of the Best Travel Destinations for Art Lovers


If you’re like most art lovers, your list of things to see and do would probably include a visit to a local art gallery or museum. While every place has something unique to offer, some cities draw art lovers for their enthralling arts scene. Here are some of the best travel destinations for art enthusiasts who want to enjoy spending time in the midst of artworks and other masterpieces while traveling.

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an art and artists haven. To say that there’s art everywhere wouldn’t be far from the truth. The city lives and breathes art. It has several art galleries not to mention its museums that house the finest collections that span centuries. There’s no shortage of art exhibitions and the city’s architecture scene is as interesting as the artworks found in galleries and museums.

A brief visit in Berlin would not be enough to explore all the arts and art-related activities. Some of the top attractions that draw art-loving travelers include the Museum Island and Eigen + Art among many others. The former is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to five museums namely the Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum, Neues Museum, and Pergamon Museum. Berlin also has a lot of amazing street art. Head to the East Side Gallery to see some of the wall paintings rendered on a stretch of the Berlin Wall.

2. Florence, Italy

Florence has long been famous not only for its collections of Italian Renaissance art pieces. The city’s architecture is also one of its biggest draws. Some of the top attractions for art lovers include the Galleria dell’Accademia and Uffizi Gallery.

The 15th century Palazzo Pitti now serves as museum complex. Just behind is the famous Boboli Gardens where you can marvel at the fountains and statues located in this outdoor museum. The Palazzo Vecchio which was once home to the Medici family has an extensive collection of art pieces. The picturesque Ponte Vecchio is also a must-see. The ancient bridge that cross over the Arno River. The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral likewise deserve a visit for its splendid architecture.

3. New York City, New York

New York is just one of the many artsy places in the US. But it has long made its mark as the most iconic destinations for arts enthusiasts. It is home to the massive Metropolitan Museum that contains a dizzying array of ancient and modern arts. Sections containing artworks from the African, Byzantine, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras are amazing to behold.

Other notable places to see are the Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Cloisters and the Frick Collection.

4. Paris, France

A list of destination for art lovers without Paris in it would be incomplete. The City of Light is a veritable haven of artworks the most famous of which is The Louvre. But even if you skip the world-renowned museum to avoid the crowd you can still find plenty of options to choose from. Musée D’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie are just some of them.

Other interesting places worth visiting are Center Pompidou, La Maison Rouge, and Palais De Tokyo.

Why Visit Art Galleries?


The UK is home to hundreds of galleries and museums that spans across different locations. It is not surprising that visiting art galleries is a popular activity. This may sound surprising given the global economic uncertainty that sometimes drive people to shy away from more spending. But contrary to what some people believe, spending time in an art gallery does not have to be a luxury that only a few can indulge in. You do not have to buy art to appreciate and enjoy it. Here are some of the best reasons why visits to art galleries can be a beneficial activity:

See diverse works of art

Art galleries can be a treasure trove of art collections. Some of the works you come across in exhibitions may be widely popular. You might have seen some of them before in person or on the internet. But before you think that there is nothing to be gained by seeing them again, think again. You might be surprised by how much you can enjoy the experience. You could also discover some never-before seen pieces from famous artists and rising talents when you take the time to visit art galleries.

Meet new people

An art gallery can be a good place to be around people who share the same interest in art. You can meet new people or reconnect with the ones you have previously met. Galleries can also help you build or expand your network.

Control over spending

Some people mistakenly believe that frequenting art galleries is an expensive hobby. There is a grain of truth in that if you are primarily a collector on the lookout for art pieces to buy. But just because you have no plans of purchasing an art does not mean you have to forego the pleasures of admiring the eye candies to be found in them. Surrounding yourself with stunning artworks can be an enjoyable experience in itself. And not all galleries require tickets that you have to shell out a few pounds to get. Some offer admissions for free. Not a bad deal when you only have to invest your free time to enjoy it.

A great way to slow down

Life nowadays is fast-paced. You can have or do anything almost instantly. A trip to the gallery is a great opportunity to slow down. It can serve as a getaway where you can enjoy a change of pace. You can go to the more quiet galleries for some solitude. Or you can head to the ones that have fun activities to shift your focus on to things other than work or other responsibilities.

Makes you feel good

There is something inexplicable with the feelings artworks evoke. Buying or just looking at art can make you feel good. And with so many things that could get you down at any given day it is good to know that there are places that showcase art pieces that you can admire to your heart’s content.

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